Learning piano with WKMT London

Piano lessons London in a structured a professional way

Learn Music brings a new article written by our Director Juan Rezzuto.

The founder of WKMT wrote a post for the blog in which he deeply explains the way we work with the piano students and what is the main learning process designed to take all our students from scratch on the piano to a certain level.

He divided the entire learning process into different steps. Well explained and making sense, to make every single beginner feel like progressing easily and effectively.

So well, this post is intended to make you all understand and learn what we do, and how your learning programme has been designed and why. This will help all piano students fully understand the way music works and how we can process it within our brains and incorporate it as one more of our skills.

There are three sections or steps as per Maestro Rezzuto's article to understand any single piece we have just in front of us and we need to go through it since a beginner's point of view:

1- Identification of the section: 

With the piece in front of us, we need to be able to analyse the piece within its frame. How it is elaborated, what are the different sections, notes, and how it might sound creating a map in our mind.

2- Musical Syntax:

Once we have created a frame of the piece, we are now in charge of analysing every single section of the piece. One by one, this will help us memorize the notes, rhythm, as well as understanding how the piece progresses itself. Where it goes and how it goes.

3- Tone Quality:

This part might be a bit complicated though. Once we know how the piece works, we need to choose a tone, our tone. This will give the tempo and our own personality to the piece. This section, would be better to read the full article since Maestro Rezzuto will explain it much better and in a more accurate way than us.

All this analysis is based on Caplin's book. The famous book for music and pieces analysis. It is such a great way of understanding the pieces we are working on and provide us with more confidence for when playing it.