This course was developed for absolute Piano Beginners. We will guide you through the first concepts to build a strong foundation to reach Grade 1 in 3 months.

We have designed this Syllabus after years of experience teaching new learners that are eager to start this amazing challenge. This course contains lessons, solo pieces, duets, videos and quizzes to check your progress.

Good luck as you get started, and I hope you enjoy the course!

The importance of musical stimulation in early ages

Piano lessons for 3 years old - Musical Stimulation Music learning implies many subsets of things: sensory, social, affective, emotional, cognitive skills, motor skills and communication and language. It is by far the most complex language humankind has developed, so...
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An overview on how to compose your own melody

How to start a melody? This question is the most common among composition students. How to write a melody? Do we need inspiration? Does it come naturally, or do we need to be gifted melodic writers to do it? The answer is, no.  The melody is by far the most ubiquitous...
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Learning sight-reading techniques

Learn Music brings a new topic to the blog. Sight-reading! Yes, it sounds familiar to you, we know and for us too. Words that means anxiety, frustration for all those starting to learn the ways and benefits, but also joy and the feeling of getting what is well...
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The importance of having a good foundation for ABRSM exams

Piano lessons in London preparing ABRSM exams Many of our piano students face in some moment of their training an ABRSM Grade examination. Some because they need it for specific reasons, such as entering schools with strong musical programmes, others to apply for...
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Are you looking for a professional piano studio in London?

The proper piano approach What is this post about? Today we bring a new post, which might be of interest for all those willing to start having piano lessons in London and do not know yet what the best options are and how to recognise them. Juan Rezzuto, Director and...
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