This course was developed for absolute Piano Beginners. We will guide you through the first concepts to build a strong foundation to reach Grade 1 in 3 months.

We have designed this Syllabus after years of experience teaching new learners that are eager to start this amazing challenge. This course contains lessons, solo pieces, duets, videos and quizzes to check your progress.

Good luck as you get started, and I hope you enjoy the course!

The pros and cons of Guitar Tablatures

 The pros and cons of Guitar TablaturesGuitar tablature vs. Standard Notation - Part IToday, in Learn Music Blog, we bring a new post. This time, we give way to another musical instrument which is very famous in WKMT London Music Studio, and that is the Guitar....
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Should we keep Music in the Schools?

Learn Music brings such an interesting post directly from WKMT Blog. We usually share posts or articles written by professional piano teachers at WKMT London talking about music, and especially, about the piano. This time, we talk about music, indeed, however not...
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The building of a Musical piece

The four options of continuation in Musical Composition Here we share with you all a summary of a great article recently published on WKMT Blog and written by Gisela Paterno about music analysis. One of the essential parts in any piano student performance is the...
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Two classical concerts in London February 2020

Classical concert in London by WKMT This is a call to all WKMT students. A new concert has been organised for the 29th of February 2020 from 6.30 pm in our usual venue St. Cuthbert's church, Earls Court in London. Yes, some of you will be called to perform in the next...
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Learning piano with WKMT London

Learning piano with WKMT LondonPiano lessons London in a structured a professional wayLearn Music brings a new article written by our Director Juan Rezzuto.The founder of WKMT wrote a post for the blog in which he deeply explains the way we work with the students and...
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