Piano Beginners Course

This is the first step in piano learning. This course is designed specifically for absolute beginners. The syllabus includes lessons, quizzes, songs, duets and video support.


Objectives of the first three Units

  • To develop a good understanding of main musical concepts through performing selected piano pieces
  • To develop the habit of practising on a daily basis
  • To develop good piano-posture following the basics of relaxation and breathing management
  • To develop a solid piano technique which can provide the grounds for artistic development.
  • To start developing a deep understanding of musical language and musical expression through piano performance
  • To start understanding how analytic-memory works
  • To develop the skill of performing with an audience
  • To develop the skill of performing da capo a fine
  • To develop a collection of skills necessary to face the challenges proposed by relevant musical scores
  • To start understanding how to use the piano pedals correctly
  • To acquire the technical awareness necessary to perform the pieces of each level at the right speed