WKMT Music Events are now finally back to life.

Covid-19 era seems to be reaching its end, and with it, all the restrictions on live events. Little by little, we all can enjoy again our favourite music groups, concerts, gigs, recitals etc. And with that WKMT too.

It’s seems ages since our last festival in London back in 2019. But now, we are finally getting back on track. Our first date for our next piano festival in London is June 18th 2022.

Our usual venue, St Cuthbert’s church in Earls Court is getting ready to host our most iconic and unique piano event: The 10th edition of our London Music Festivals.

From 1pm, students of all levels and ages will be called on stage to play their favourite piece(s) to a fully engaged audience. First children, later in the day adults’ time. We will also count on some break times when some drinks will be served. That way we promote social gathering between our guests.

A fully musical event welcoming everyone who is interested in classical music and piano.

In order to prepare our students to this event, WKMT has also organized a piano masterclass delivered by our Director Juan Rezzuto. He will go through the pieces which will be played in the festival, giving guidance and help to the students about certain passages or doubts about them. To make the most enjoyable for the students to play confident and for the audience to listen beautiful and well played piano pieces.

All you need to do is contact our admin offices on [email protected] requesting your tickets. Either as  performer or a player, you all are welcome to our 10th edition London Piano Festival.

Do you need more information? Do not hesitate to visit the website in which everything is clearly detailed. Click here.