20th Century Genres of Music.

20th Century Genres of Music.

Analysing two different styles of art and how they influenced some composers giving birth new genres of music in the XX Century.

Impressionism and Neoclassicism in Music

WKMT brings a new article to its blog for all our students to learn more about music. In this case, Anthony Elward, piano teacher, talks about the two genres of music associated the same two eras of art: Impressionisn and Neo-classicism.

With this article, we will learn and understand the importance of art and the environment in the inspiration of the composers along the history and nowadays. Music is art, and for that reason might be inspired by something else, so it is not odd to think that the music could be inspired in a style of painting. Overall, when we talk about impressionism. An era of painting who could be inspiring everyone else too.

Impressionism in the art means the explossion of flowers, colours into marvellous landscapes. Every impressionist painting, makes no one indifferent. And that is exactly what the composers associated to this movement pretended with their music. To transport us to a wonderful world full of natureness: flowers, rivers or seas, blue skies… Everything surrounded by peace and quietness. That’s a simplified example of the music of Debussy. In case you haven’t heard about him, you should quickly start doing it. Late 19th, early 20th Century composer who is definitely associated to this movement of music and art. His music will make you feel in any of those beautiful landscapes painted by Monet. Flowing with the water and colourfullness.

Learn more about this and some other art influences in music through some famous composers who are believed were influenced by these movements. Read now the full article by clicking on the link aforementioned.