What does it take to become a composer?

Gisela Paterno, our colleague at WKMT London Piano Studio, has recently written an article published on the blog.

This time, she talks about Composition. She has a degree in Music Composition by the Argentinian National University (UNA in Spanish). Ever since she has been teaching composition to plenty of students in London. And currently, she does. She had and still has some famous musicians studying under her training. Unfortunately, we can’t tell any names in order to protect their identity, but that proves Gisela’s success in teaching composition and harmonization.

She has just brought an article in which she explains what we would need in order to become a music composer. At WKMT, we have several queries from students to start learning composition at our studios, that’s why we thought it would be convenient for all those wondering about composition and how to become a music composer. Some first steps as well as the main characteristics you will need to get that point.

Gisela mentions some aspects strictly necessary to become a music composer. First of all, discipline.  In order to build the first pillars needed to become a composer, we will need a great dose of discipline. As part of the music tuition, it will need us to be constant, persistent and to create strong foundations to get to the point we need.

Then she talks about creativity. It is true that a music composer, as an artist, would need to be creative, however, that is something that could be trained and developed. Actually, nowadays, composers are hired to compose following some guidelines, so that is something that might upset us when we would love to be creative. So if you don’t think you are so creative, do not worry, as you might not need it to become a composer.  Anyway, you will be able to develop some skills in this sense.

And the last of the three would be curiosity. As per Gisela’s words “If you show the interest of how music works, to see beyond what is heard, or written on a music sheet, you are most probably on the right path”.

Nothing else to say in these aspects. Read the full article and learn all these as well as how to create strong foundations to become a composer.