The proper piano approach

What is this post about?

Today we bring a new post, which might be of interest for all those willing to start having piano lessons in London and do not know yet what the best options are and how to recognise them.

Juan Rezzuto, Director and founder of WKMT, has recently published an article in which he mentions all the characteristics of WKMT as a piano studio. The main points that any piano studio should offer nowadays to any student to get the full learning approach, in the proper way, as we used to do in the past.

Why would this help you?

Well, right now, if you type on Google search piano lessons in London you will find plenty of private studios, independent teachers or official schools. So many that you will need to check one by one, and you will end up not being able to figure out which is the best option(s).

With the article, Juan intends to mention all the characteristics and main points in which you should look for when checking music studios. It is based on WKMT for our students, but we really thought that it would be helpful for you to understand what music is about and what you should get from the studio to consider your learning cycle complete and in good hands.

What are the main points you should look for?

Maestro Juan mentions some of the aspects needed for any music school or academy in order to become respectable in terms of the tuition provided, being complete at all levels.

Locations: Does the studio you are looking at close to you, or at least well communicated, in terms of public transport and/or parking spaces nearby? Well, a studio close to you or to your work should be a must.

Technique: Indeed, does that piano instructor teach any piano technique? If they don’t, click on next. Learning a technique will make your success in the progress of piano learning. It is much more than just learning how to play the notes. It is about to understand position, relaxation and focus only on music, while the body and fingers know exactly what to do. And that level of concentration and confidence is achieved faster using the right technique.

Also, a studio with a technique will make the heart of the institution, since everyone in there would be sharing the same concepts and commitments.

Syllabus: Yes, does that school you are checking make programmes specialised to every student’s needs? It is proven that a learning process results more effective when it comes organised, well designed and structures, following certain steps. Every student is different, for that reason, a teacher will not teach the same to all of them. We, as teachers, should be ductile and flexibles and adapt our training and experience to every one of them. A programme will be great for you to follow and set up your goals on a short and long term, and also for your teacher to focus on the process.

Activities: At last, but not least, we have musical events. Indeed. Like what learning football would mean in a theoretical way, without playing a match? The same way, how could we understand football if we never watch a match? The same with music tuition and this is one of the hardest parts in London. Most of the practice provide with the lessons but no with the events or activities. How could we teach our students classical music if they are never exposed to any concert like that? Or, how can they know how to play if they never played in front of an audience? Well, we must say that these topics are covered by WKMT. Monthly classical concerts with a wide repertoire and musicians, and music festivals for the students to play, and for the friends and relatives to come and enjoy the experience.

Our students already know, but if you are interested in getting to know us and what we do at WKMT, do not hesitate to contact us. If you checked and found any other studio with such characteristics, congratulations, comment below to help other students too.

We are also experienced in doing virtual lessons with students from different parts of the world.