Arm movement – Piano technique

Arm movement – Piano technique

Identifying the right movement to use on a specific piano passage is the most important realisation we have to make when in the process of setting up a piece.  Even when it can be obvious for the professional and trained eye of a concert pianist, it can certainly be extremely confusing for the novice.  This decision will be influenced by the expressive and technical aspects of the piece in question. Each movement has like a “superpower”. Some of them are quicker than others, some of them are more expressive than others and some of them allow us to play louder than others.

The last release of Juan Rezzuto’s blog at WKMT speaks about one of the three most used movements: arm movement. This article clearly states how to use and when to use this movement. There are many things to be said about arm movement and not all of them have been cleared in the article by J. Rezzuto. Nevertheless, it is a good starting point for students who are not familiar with this concept of specific piano movements.

Each movement requires lots of attention in order to be developed properly. It is the duty of the prospective pianist to keep up with the development of a healthy gymnastic dimension of their performance. Having a collection of repeating gymnastic exercises to work on can prove to be extremely helpful to focus on perfecting a movement in question.

As in any other movement, the settlement is fundamental. We could mention one strong or weak main point of our superlative piano technique: its need for precision. We need to start each movement from the right place. Failing to comply with this will result in the crashing of the passage in question.

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