WKMT Pedagogical concert

Do you like Baroque? What about the music from this era? The beginnings of the music as we know it right now. Have you ever watched or listen to any Baroque concert?

Well, now it is the time in case you haven’t yet. And in the case you have, you now have a new chance to do it once again.

Baroque music marked a starting point in the history of music in Europe. Composers of that while started coming out presenting its masterpieces and filling music rooms along Europe showing their music. Bach, Corelli, Handel, Purcell are some amongst many other genii of Baroque music, and from which even today continue being an inspiration for actual music.

That is well known by our musicians and music teachers, who undoubtedly have designed a programme in which Baroque music is all about. We wanted to bring a special Baroque concert to all our students and members, as the most of the times, either in London and in Europe in general nowadays, we mostly see classical, romantic or contemporary music. Leaving behind the trend for Baroque. So with this concert, you will learn about the harpsichord, the main instrument of that era, and a strings trio playing the main pieces from the most famous composers. We also included a Soprano to sing some of the most important Arias included in this programme. That way you will get a full idea of the type of music and way the ensembles worked right in the past.

Let’s join us and immerse yourself into the musical world of Baroque with Learn Music and WKMT London. Go to the main website aforementioned and find all the information about this concert. You will fall in love with Baroque music in case you haven’t yet.