Amid this new and unusual situation the world is living in now, the education system has migrated on an online mode but hoping to return to normality as soon as possible; this includes schools, institutions of high learning and private studios.

The UK government has announced that all the institutions will open by September, but many people want to return to normality before this date. 

Within the music lessons, many piano tutors are insisting to go back to normal by the end of June. Still, we must consider the wellbeing of everyone, the piano students, the piano teachers and their families.


Piano lessons have something unique among all the rest of music sessions: they share the instrument among all the students. 

In the case of the strings, the woodwinds or the brasses, the situation is completely different as each of the students carry their instruments, and even the social distancing can be accomplished. 


As Maestro Juan Rezzuto explains in his article: “One-millimetre gaps separate one key from the other. During the action, the inner side of the key surface comes in contact with the side of the student’s fingers. The keyboard of the piano offers a huge challenge during the pandemic: Its proper disinfection.”

According to the scientists, the virus survives on wood for four days and on plastic (in the case of digital pianos) for three days, making the piano lesson environment a health hazard.

The reality is that the sophisticated keyboard of a piano offers several different unreachable areas that will be left, almost inevitably, not-disinfected in between lessons.


The best-case scenario to provide security and to protect everyone involved in this environment is to wait until the vaccine is produced as “The inefficient and unreliable cleaning options available to approach the disinfection of piano keyboards to the standards needed to guarantee 0 infections. “

If you would like to read the full article written by our Director Juan Rezzuto, please click on the link aforementioned and understand why this decision. WKMT, always protecting you.