Digital piano: advantages

Digital piano: advantages

WKMT has published a very clarifying article about digital pianos. recommended the article.

Playing on a digital piano can be highly beneficial if done wisely. The digital piano is an instrument that offers a neutral action combined with perfectly pitched virtual strings. This can sound very sophisticated or, for some others, extremely boring. The truth: It is wonderful.

As professional musicians and performers we are ought to re-create the pieces we play in our minds. For that reason, performing on a digital piano is the perfect practice to follow to achieve this aim. The instrument doesn’t motivate our impromptu. This means that it is flat enough to provide us with an objective feedback on what we are playing. It is also precise enough to not distract us from the main focus of setting the technical foundation of a piece.

Our finger-legato is maximized by practising on a digital piano without pedal. Actually, it can even be better for our performance to practise how to link notes on an instrument like a digital piano. If we succeed in avoiding the temptation of using the pedal then we are one step away from developing a fabulous finger-legato touch. The challenge: enduring the apathy of the digital sound. It is fantastic to prove yourself that music can sound lyrical even using the least advantageous instrument.

Digital pianos can help us keeping our pitch sense healthy and clear. This instrument is designed to be always in pitch and to provide an even and flat action. It is certainly not the most inspiring instrument in the world but it can certainly prove to be highly beneficial when used wisely.

Acoustic pianos are definitely the best option when choosing what instrument to acquire, but digitals are still a great option for those who can’t afford or can’t house a big acoustic piano.