Effortless Sight-Reading for kids.

Effortless Sight-Reading for kids.


How to Read Sheet Music

How is your musical training scheduled? Do you have the right shift between scales, sight-reading, pieces, etc? How is your sight-reading?

Today we bring an interesting and usual topic. A very used one when learning any musical instrument: Sight Reading.

Yes, we know, it might be boring, hard and tedious. However, its benefits are crucial for a quality piano learning. At WKMT, we always start teaching how to read notes, rhythm, clefs and all needed to learn how to read first and go playing according we learn how to read properly. We have had so many queries about learning piano with no proper technique, and also with no reading music need. That’s something unadvisable at WKMT, as we all need to learn to read the sheet music. That way we will interpret every piece in a deeper way, as well as fully understand the meaning of it. Learning how to read music has plenty of benefitial pros for every beginner, either children and adults. For that reason, one of our London piano teachers at the studio has thought would be convenient to write about it by providing with a proper as well as easy technique to make our children understand the sight-reading and its importance.

With this article, you will also learn some brief history behind both clefs: Treble and Bass.

An article that deserves such a read. Do not hesitate to fully read it and finally understand the importance of sight-reading, by getting a fun technique to read music to reinforce your kids’ learning. Go to the link aforementioned and you will access the full article published on WKMT Music Education Blog. Sight-reading never was that easy!