Getting you ready for your next Music Tests.

Getting you ready for your next Music Tests.

Preparing your ABRSM/Trinity Musical Examinations.

Learning all about the Aural Test

New article series on the blog! Sabrina Curpanen, our colleague piano teacher at WKMT, and a usual piano accompanist for some WKMT Classical concerts in London has written the article. This one also belongs to her article series based on her experience getting the students prepared to ABRSM/Trinity examinations.

We previously posted the first chapter, which talked about preparing Aural test for students of Grades 1-3. This second chapter is all about the same focused on the Grade 4 examinations. We must say that this aural test is found in any musical instrument examination, however, Sabrina talks from the piano point of view. Anyway, the meaning and purpose of the test are the same for all the instruments. So it is quite valid for you all whatever your instrument is.

Have you gone through any official examination in the UK? If the answer is yes, how did you get prepared for the aural test? Did you follow a marked procedure to understand? Well, the aim of this series is to provide you with the right tools to fully understand and prepare any aural test depending on your grade.

In this case, as we said, Sabrina aims to provide with the right methods for the aural test Grade 4. She explains it in four easy steps that allow us to understand the process and targets of the test. Repetition of the melodic, sight singing, metre and more.

Do not hesitate to read the full article in the case you are going to sit at Grade 4 exam soon, otherwise, go to our Aural Test Grade 1-3 article.

We have now posted our third and last chapter for our Grade 5+ piano students. Learn with WKMT now the Aural test for Grade 5 ABRSM.