WKMT Classical concert in London

WKMT has the pleasure to invite all of our piano students to the next concerto, in this opportunity, we will have the delightful Haydn Double Concerto for violin and piano in F major, Hob. XVIII:6. This is the 6th in the Piano concerto Hobokken index. This piece is the only double concerto with violin and piano as soloists Haydn ever wrote. Its refined melodic lines are intertwined in such a way they produce the most elegant classical texture. It will be performed by  Juan Jose Rezzuto at the piano and Paola Delucchi on the violin, on the batton, Alvaro Sisti conducting the WKMT String Ensemble. This Concert is part of the Haydn Project, in which Maestro Juan Rezzuto will perform all Haydn Concertos throughout the year, offering the widest range of one of the most famous and acclaimed Classical composers, Joseph Haydn. This Event is especially important for our piano students as they will gain the insight of the Scaramuzza at first hand and therefore will enrich their piano lessons and tuition.

The Concerto has three movements:

I.  Allegro moderato  II. Largo III. Presto

The first one has what we call in music “Sonata Form” which consists of two contrasting melodies presented in the same movement.

The second Movement “Largo” is very slow and expressive and the last one “Presto” which literally translated from the Italian, fast, gives us the general mood of the last part of the piece.

Part of the aspiration of the concerts that WKMT proposes is to be able to enhance the task that our piano teachers deliver at WKMT studio, as in which concert you will have the chance to talk freely about the Concert with the performers? And not to forget the important value of the social component of the event: the audience will enjoy some drinks and refreshments and meet people from any age and background that shares the most important thing: the love of Music.