Professional advice on how to organise your piano performance

One of the most fundamental pillars among the skills we develop on a piano tuition enterprise is to be able to perform in front of a live audience. This is by far the ultimate goal as a piano student, we can safely say that this would be the point in which we can “graduate” from our training. Every piano teacher should instruct from the early stages of learning of how to prepare ourselves for this situation, not only from the technical and expressive point of view but from a more procedural and logistical standpoint as well, which nowadays is as important as the concert itself as if something goes wrong or not as the way we expect, all the effort we had invested previously, long hours of study, concentration and caring will end with a feeling of failure from the performers’ position.

There are lots of things we should take into account before a concert, as Maestro Juan Rezzuto explains in his article reviewing the outcome of his latest concert in which he performed the Haydn Concerto in G, there are a plethora of details we should consider prior to the event that will result in a great experience or, if these details are not taken into account, the event can transmute into a very stressful outcome.

Maestro Juan Rezzuto says in his article “every aspect of the organisation should be double confirmed at least 48 hours before the event taking place. If it is a recorded concert, the equipment is the main priority. Every contingency must be taken into account. Materials should be organised in such a way in which they are easily accessible, and its re-storage is intelligently planned. You should think about all what can go wrong and prepare for its resolution

I hope this article will clarify some of the main points that usually they are not taken into account if you haven’t performed live before.

Ps. Here we share with you all one of the Haydn piano concertos by WKMT Ensemble and Juan Rezzuto, in our December 2018 edition of our monthly classical concerts in London.