Insight Rotation Movement.

Insight Rotation Movement.

The rotation movement in Piano technique explained step by step.


The rotation movement is the most complex of the five that the Scaramuzza technique comprises. Regardless if you are a Piano Tutor, Piano Teacher or just as a student who wants to deepen your knowledge of the Piano Practice, this article is for you. Why? It explains in a clear and progressive way how this movement is originated, its development and a step-by-step guide to reproduce flawlessly. It delineates and illustrates the muscles that they are put at work, and even we can appreciate it in a video, which truly helps when learning a new technique.

Among all the topics that this technique encompasses, the most difficult concept to grasp is “the imaginary finger” let’s see what Maestro Rezzuto says about it: “Understanding how the weight of the hand works helps us to understand the role of the leverage the palm excerpts and it transfers kinetic energy to the focal finger. In other words, the imaginary finger, we will aim to create between the pivot and the focal fingers, will be fuelled by the action of the supinator and pronator muscles transferred to the palm through the forearm -the palm itself being the “imaginary finger”-. Due to the latter is that we are in the position to say that there are two amplifying -leverage elements- involved in the rotation movement: the forearm and the palm.”

If this technique is applied correctly, it will facilitate enormously passages from tremolos, Alberti Bass (commonly used in pieces that belong to the Classical period), certain jumps or when we aid to strike single notes in combination with other movements. This article will definitively help any Piano Student to raise their technical ability and to lead into a deeper understanding of the most challenging movements of this famous technique.


Do not miss our previous articles with the different movements, as well as many more yet to come. Thanking our Director, Juan Rezzuto for making this series possible and sharing this wonderful technique with all of us. We hope you enjoy as much as we do.