Learn How to Get the best Bow for your Violin.

Learn How to Get the best Bow for your Violin.

WKMT and Irene Bejar show us all about this tool for our strings instrument.

Analysing the Violin Bows

Have you ever heard about Tourte? Did you know what are the best options for bows quality wise? Have you ever realised of all the parts in the design of a standard bow? Well, Learn all about bows with Learn Music and WKMT.

Thanks to Irene Bejar, who again, delights us with a new useful article talking about violins (and strings in general). This time, she wrote about bows, the famous tool used to play any single strings instrument, and without which, we couldn’t play at all. As the strings are composed by the instrument itself and the bow, so we always talk about the instruments, however, we never talked about the bows, so this is the perfect choice to know more about them.

Irene Bejar, thanks to her experience as a violin tutor in London for WKMT, and a professional violin player gives important information and tips in regards to the bows. In this article, you will find:

  • A special mention to the evolution of the shape of the bows, which we truly believe it is interesting to know the difference in shapes along the history, and how that makes it evolve up to how it looks like nowadays. Which is the perfect design of the shape of a¬†bow,let’s say.
  • Professional tips on how to tension the bow properly to get the best results ever.
  • Different parts of the Bow. The materials and purposes of each of them, and how they all influence the performance of the violin.
  • And most importantly, how to recognise a good bow The main characteristics a very good bow should have.


Read the full article through the link aforementioned with the title, and learn all about the bow for your instrument. There is always room for new knowledge, or at least, extended knowledge.