Learn how to manage your fears for your next performance with WKMT.

Learn how to manage your fears for your next performance.


We have a new article on the blog. Obviously, talking about learning music affairs.

Learn Music Online Platform has been designed by WKMT, and WKMT was built by Concert Pianist Juan Rezzuto, so only for that reason, our piano learning process is mainly focused on the performance skills. We need to go through a long way to achieve our skills in terms of the Scaramuzza technique and learning how to play the piano applying that famous technique. But once we understand that, we will make sure our students are 100% able to perform what they learn in front of an audience. We give performing opportunities to all our students in order to experience and manage such situation in which the stress and possible fears could come up.

Now, once we have a performance booked soon, we need to understand and learn how to prepare ourselves for, we must confess, such stressful momentum. That’s why the best way is by learning from the professionals and experienced performers. Irene Bejar, our Violin teacher, is in charge of this monthly article. She aims to help all our students to really understand that moment and how they could manage it perfectly and getting the best out of the performance. Let’s give a try to the thoughts and ideas she suggests. You can now read the full article and more related articles through the link aforementioned.

Looking forward to seeing you all performing very soon at WKMT Piano Festivals.