Piano ABRSM Grade 1 and Pre-grade syllabus

Learn Music brings a fantastic, and we believe helpful, article for all the piano students and all those who are thinking of start piano lessons in London.

Juan Rezzuto, Director and founder of WKMT, has recently written an article based on his experience as a tutor for the last 10 years in England and obviously, taking into account his formation and career as a pianist, he is more than able and prepared to suggest so.

Our piano training and technique is mainly on his own, for all teachers and students at WKMT. He makes sure all his thoughts, ideas and experience are shared to the teachers to share it with the students during the lessons. All of us speak by Juan Rezzuto. He gained his experience and word in terms of piano learning. For that reason, we consider this article helpful enough for all those students and parents looking for piano tuition and yet unsure of the path to follow, as well as the steps analysed and finally easily understandable.

What did he make him share this grade planning?

Nowadays, we live in such a competitive environment. Not only at work for adults, but also for children in terms of education and progress. And that has been also translated to the music. Several schools, universities, etc include music grades as part of the academic goals. Scholarships, financial help and discount for some schools are the prizes for these achievements. That made most of the parents go onto music tuition for their children.

For that reason, we believe training and helpful articles like this will make the parents have a wider idea of what they are doing and what they need to know. That is crucial to fully understand the music learning associated with the UK system.

This UK System is mainly focused on ABRSM and Trinity College examinations. Grades between one and eight, followed by the Diploma. But, what is it before Grade 1? What do we have to learn and cover to reach that Grade 1 before? What is the pre-graded programme? How long does it take to go through the pre-grade programme? And overall, what are the benefits of doing so?

Read the full article through the link aforementioned to learn all about it and answer those questions.