Learning piano with fully committed teachers

Learning piano with fully committed teachers

Learning piano with fully committed teachers in London can prove to be a big challenge. WKMT London came up with an idea that sorted the teacher stability issue for good…

London is one of the most multicultural capitals in the world. This interesting feature also comes with its downside: it can prove to be very difficult to compatibilize and loyalize people coming from so different cultural backgrounds. Music is a social art, an abstract discipline which depicts the inner world of individuals using the tools derived from its main fabric: pitches and durations. In order to consolidate a team of professionals around a practice that deals with such an immaterial discipline, these individuals should share at least some fundamental cultural. A singular piano technique, one that is supported by all its members, remains the most important and fundamental feature needed to consolidate a cohesive piano practice.

WKMT is a team of Argentinian, Spanish and Italian professionals -in their majority- that share a common academic philosophy, a strong cultural binding and the same piano technique; the worldly famous Vicente Scaramuzza piano school.

Studying at WKMT implies you will be taken care by a group of people that work together, are corporate and are aligned with the same piano school.