Learning Three Methods to practice your scales.

Learning Three Methods to practice your scales.

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Learn Music and WKMT Piano studio in London bring a new helpful article. In this case, we talk about piano practice: Scales.

Yes, that hard work we need to do to improve our piano skills. Mark Dowling, Junior Piano Teacher at WKMT has been in charge of this great article for all WKMT Followers and students. He has written such a very interesting article about the scales in which he explains why are so important and essential as well as the three most common methods to practice them effectively.

There are mainly four reasons for which the scales practice is very important for any pianist:

  • Helps to the strength of the fingers.
  • Good to warm up.
  • It makes our fingers quicker.
  • And obviously helps with our logical thought process when playing passages

Knowing the benefits of the scales for every either student or pianist, let’s go know and list the three most common methods to practice with the scales on the piano:

  1. The Repetition: Get a Scale book and chose an exercise. Start doing it with separate hands until you get confident when you start doing it with both hands. Repeat the process over and over again until you get it perfect. ABRSM Scales 2019/20 is an option for scales exercises.
  2. What he callsĀ Visualisation: This method consists inĀ imagine the fingers placed on the keyboard according to the scale chosen. Imagine and memorise the place and movement of the fingers. First hands separately and then both together. Sometimes, after a long time practising, we get tired and we can’t go ahead as either the brain and fingers are exhausted. That’s why the memorisation first could be an option.
  3. Kinaesthetic Grouping Method: This should be a method between the two aforementioned. It consists of checking the notes and fingers required. For that, we can make different groups for all the notes and fingers.


We suggest you all read the full article in the link aforementioned and know more about scales practice with WKMT. You will find more interesting info and details about it that will help you with your practice.