Music theory for beginners at WKMT

Music theory for beginners at WKMT

WKMT and our Music theory programme.

This week, WKMT organised and hosted a teachers’ meeting at the headquarters.For this occasion, the purpose was to elaborate a programme of teaching music theory by levels and ages for all those seeking to pass Grade at ABRSM official exams.

All that they talked about in the meeting is done in a brief and published at WKMT Blog for all our teachers, students and the rest of followers who might need some tips and ideas about music theory (either learning or teaching). You can find it fullĀ on the link aforementioned.

Why is music theory important?

Like in every single subject which implies a practical section attached to a theoretical section, in the piano and in music in general, the theoretical part is essentially needed for the good understanding of the whole process. You can alternatively learn how to play the piano with no theory background at all, but as soon as you reach a crucial level, you will need the theory, reading and all those aspects included in the music theory lessons. That’s why, at ABRSM, you can pass practical exams with no theory at all, until the moment that you need to go for Grade 6 when you are obliged to have up to Grade 5 of theory passed.

At WKMT and Learn Music, we make sure our students know the importance of music theory and all its benefits for the learning process of any musical instrument.