Yes! Our next edition of the famous WKMT London Music Festivals is almost ready.

New times, new ways. This is our aim. We have been forced to adapt ourselves to the new times, the new normality, and we did so from our last edition in June, which was a com cplete success. An online way of showing what our students are able to play, and what they learnt during Covid-19 lockdown.

No excuse.

Online learning became a must do lately, especially this year 2020, has become the year of getting used to the technologies, in case you haven’t before. No way back, but going forward is the best choice. This will create a before and after point, and we need all to get on board and go further and explore new ways of learning, performing, and continue with our lives and daily routine.

So join us this way on the 28th November from 4pm on Zoom. You can find all the details in the link aforementioned, as well as the Youtube player that you could use to watch it live!