London Classical Concert

WKMT London Music Studio brings such a great performance in London by its tutors for all of us as students and members at the studio.

March 30th from 6.30 pm in St Cuthbert’s church, London, we all have an educational date.

WKMT in its commitment to providing the students with the full learning cycle, organise monthly classical concerts for the students to attend and listen to classical music live in London. Apart from the festivals in which the students will be on the stage performing themselves for the audience. This time, we talk about the first option. For that reason, we post the details of the next concert by WKMT for all of us. So if you are reading this, you shouldn’t miss it out.

For this time, the concert is about Joseph Haydn, the famous composer from the classical period, who we should call the father of the proper classical music style.

Franz Joseph Haydn (1732-1809) austrian composer considered father amongst any other concepts as of the Simphony and String Quartet. Thanks to him, we could consider the development of the Chamber Music (see our previous article about the latter).

Friend and mentor of Mozart and tutor of Beethoven dedicated most part of his career as a personal musician of Esterhazy family, who he wrote the most part of all his works for. He used to write musical pieces for their events, which were something very common and usual. That is the main reason why Haydn works are very different between them. Although they keep the same ideas and characteristics, but different in terms of length, instruments added …

Actually, we should post an article entirely about this genius of the music soon, don’t you think?

We can definitely check his magic in his concertos for piano and orchestra, and his many sonatas for piano. And what is better than knowing the complete works played by the hands of our Director Juan Rezzuto? Yes, you read well, it is fairly known that he is analysing and performing all the works by the famous composer. We have already posted three last piano concertos of the composer played by our Director last year (Hob XVIII 2,4 and 10), and this 2019 it is going to be like that too. So the next concert we announce is going to be a piano concerto played by him and WKMT Ensemble doing the orchestral part.

So if you want to know more about Haydn and Juan Rezzuto, as well as attending to what it will be such a beautiful concert, do not hesitate to browse the link aforementioned and book your tickets soon.

Learn Music team will be there too