Piano finger technique.

Piano finger technique.

Improve your piano fingering skills with WKMT and Learn Music.


Most of the times, the root of the problem is in the use of an inaccurate fingering. Very often, beginners and intermediate pianists find boring to sit down and write the fingers numbers on the scores. That can be even more difficult to apply the fingering suggested by the teacher or the score itself.

We count with a great bibliography for fingering practice at WKMT Studio for our students and teachers. We know its importance for the well-progress of the piano learning and finger facilities on the piano. In case you struggle with scales, arpeggios and some sections of the pieces of study, do not miss out this great article written by our Senior piano teacher Sabrina Curpanen. With her grand experience as teacher and accompanist in London, helps all her students with this great skill.

Improve your piano fingering with WKMT and Learn Music.