Playing the piano in the right position with WKMT.

Playing the piano in the right position.

Learn with Juan Rezzuto how to position right the hands on the piano.

Hand settlement and Left Hand

We have a new and helpful article on the blog. This time, written by our founder and Director, Juan Rezzuto, and talking about the right position of the hands on the piano. In that, Mr Rezzuto is the right person to train us all, as he had the privilege of being trained by one of the Maestros of the Scaramuzza technique. The famous technique in which the weight and position in the hands and fingers are all about.

One of the points in which the most of the piano students struggle is with the settlement of the left hand on the piano. Rezzuto digs into the work of the brain and the two hemispheres, and how the brain manages the work of the hands.

What Rezzuto considered appropriately settled is when the hand is inserted on the piano supporting the weight of the fingers without needing the arm or elbow. We also need to understand the idea of the balance: Elbows fall comfortably, our shoulders, arms and body relaxed. Once we get that, we can use that relaxation and activate the weight on the fingers and we will play using the right technique.

We recommend you all the reading of this article on the link aforementioned and start using this technique. One of the essential basics when starting learning the piano is the technique. It makes such a huge difference throughout the piano learning process if you fully understand and incorporate the proper piano technique with your body and hands.

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