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We usually share posts or articles written by professional piano teachers at WKMT London talking about music, and especially, about the piano.

This time, we talk about music, indeed, however not about a specific idea or area of learning, but about the importance of music in general. Before the end of the previous year, BBC published the controversial news about the decision of removing/erasing music subject from Secondary schools.

News received with surprise, and obviously, with sadness. We are sure that the music scene in England is also sad about this news. Not just because we are musicians, but mainly because music is something needed in everyone’s life, learning and knowledge. Being at least a connoisseur in music helps us all in certain ways and situations, apart from the real benefits of music learning.

We would like to make sure everyone understand that musicians are against this new decision not just because we are musicians, but because we are on music side for all the good benefits and good arguments exist on its side for all of us, for our children too. Actually, musicians don’t take any advantage of music being teaching in England schools, since school lessons are definitely apart from private music studios or lessons. So we do talk on for music from an objective perspective. Purely and mainly to contain music in England as much as possible. And that way making England a musical country, in which most of the children and people have or had musical training, whether their position in lives are or will be.

We could definitely be hours writing about it, however, this time, we give the chance to one of the piano tutors in London for WKMT, Panayiotis Tsitsaros. This professional Greek has recently written an article exactly about this recent news. He is a professional pianist who studied piano since he was a child. He spontaneously decided to commit his life to music. He started with music lessons in the school, until the moment he discovered his passion for music and piano. From that moment, he never has been far to the instrument. This story is repeated by several kids in the schools, who realize about their talent, or just interest in music, which becomes a profession.

For that reason, he decided to write an essay talking about this wrong decision from his perspective and also using strong resources that you could find in the bibliography proposed. He doesn’t analyse the point from his own view, he just reviewed important sentences and studies which will contribute to enhancing his point of view, and definitely ours too.

Click here to read the full essay and do not hesitate to let us know what you think, and if you are for or against this latest measure for England schools.