Piano lessons in London preparing ABRSM exams

Many of our piano students face in some moment of their training an ABRSM Grade examination. Some because they need it for specific reasons, such as entering schools with strong musical programmes, others to apply for scholarships, or others to seek some sense of achievement in their piano tuition. 

It is the responsibility for our piano teachers to ensure the correct foundation that will help lead to a successful outcome in any of the cases mentioned.

Firstly, we should clarify some issues with ABRSM syllabus. The contents for the exams do not cover the necessary skills required to sit for the examinations, but the result of many steps to do it. That is to say; the syllabus does not contain any etudes or specific technical work to meet the goals.

At WKMT, we believe the first goal with our students is to ignite the passion for learning. We need to create a behaviour that will serve as the platform from where we can build up the performance skill. Without the habit of disciplined study, there is no way we can incorporate the amount of knowledge and skills required to develop a reliable piano technique. We should also improve our understanding of music theory in parallel with a proper piano technique.

Another important topic is to transform the perception of the study routine in our piano students into an enjoyable time. The primary goal of our studies shouldn’t be the passing of an exam; it should be the learning of music. The latter lays in the core of an excellent teaching method focused on igniting the passion for studying the instrument.

Finally, WKMT offers a foundation course specifically designed to get prepared for any ABRSM examinations, ensuring a long-term rate of success. The length of the course will depend on the student’s consistency, both home practising and the attendance to the piano lessons.