Piano lessons for 3 years old – Musical Stimulation

Music learning implies many subsets of things: sensory, social, affective, emotional, cognitive skills, motor skills and communication and language. It is by far the most complex language humankind has developed, so we cannot constrain it in a straightforward topic. 

Many parents want their children to learn an instrument under the believe that it works as many subjects they studied at school, but as Iris Kreiman in her article states: “We should bear in mind that musical stimulation does not consist of repeating a task until the child does it by heart. Musical stimulation will make them develop their senses more and better, such as memory, attention and creativity.”

The statement mentioned above is what a piano teacher should bear in mind before starting any piano lessons for kids between 2 and 5 years old.

Music stimulations bring the foundation upon the child will build future knowledge, ignites the necessary motor skills to develop any musical instrument and most importantly, the creativity and love for music. Without this, the child won’t feel propelled to face the long and arduous challenge that means to play an instrument. It is the responsibility of the piano tutors to inform the parents about the importance of an early stage to create spaces for the children to nurture these skills. 

Finally, a comment from Iris Kreiman article that should be taken into account for all “We must pay attention and dedicate the necessary time for the student, so we ensure we fulfill our goal: The ignition in the student of an uncontainable love for the instrument and music.

Do not hesitate to read the full article to fully understand the benefits and procedure for the musical stimulation for these early ages. Click on the link aforementioned, or pass it onto those who might be in need of these tips with young ages on the piano.