The Importance of Piano Lessons

Main Reasons to Play the Piano

There are so many reasons why piano students approach this fantastic instrument. As piano tutors, we hear an array of motives why people from different backgrounds, ages, creeds, nationalities and professions feel attracted to this beguiling instrument, whether they are beginner or not:

From the passion for music, pure and simple, to starting something new, “bucket’s list”, and to relax after their work, or resume something they left for years.

However, there are many more reasons why we should take this challenge. Basically, because music is an essential part of our lives, and the piano represents that. But also because it is something good and healthy for us.


Let’s see how this can improve our health and lives.

Firstly, we know for sure that studying any instrument represents instant stress relief. But why? Mainly because we focus on one thing that demands all our attention, we can say that is the closest thing to meditation. Leaving the rest on a side, at least for the time you are practicing and studying.

Secondly, it is essential to know that due to the multi-tasking we do when playing musical pieces on the piano, this also has a secondary effect: it improves our capacity to multi-task in our daily lives as well.

Also, for every age, the capacity of motor, cognitive and visual capacities (such as when we read music and we play at the same time, called “sight-reading) aids hand-eye coordination.

And lastly, the weekly challenges that are represented in reading different pieces of music, different styles, composers and eras, gives us the capacity to keep our brains flexible and ready to receive constructive criticism, which is hard at all ages; this is the most important lesson to learn for youngsters as they are building their confidence and also their capacity to work towards a goal and to do it perfectly. The latter brings everyone who incorporates the piano in their lives an incredible feeling of accomplishment that can’t be replaced easily with other activity.

Everyone is invited to incorporate this beguiling instrument in their lives and to pursue the best they can with it.