The relation between Aristotle and music composition.

The relation between Aristotle and music composition.

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Learn Music brings a new series of articles written by our Composition and piano teacher at WKMT London, Gisela Paterno. The main head behind Learn Music online platform has gone deeper into the composition of any musical work with a series of three articles. In which she explains the idea of music composition from the point of view of three great history characters: Aristotle, Edgar Allan Poe and Stravinsky.

Aristotle, born in Greece, is, along with Plato, the “father” of the ancient philosophy. Aristotle is the philosopher of Ancient Greece. The main tutor of Alexander the Great, is mainly known for all his writings about several subjects such as logic, biology, physics, ethics, poetry, theatre, economics, politics, psychology and music among many others. And regarding the latter is the subject we will talk about in this article. The relation between this great mind and the music.

All his ideas and thoughts were extended until nowadays, being subject of study century after century. Now, Gisela Paterno will analyse the composition of musical work since the poetic thought of Aristotle. She goes through his concepts of imitation, sensible, intelligible and catharsis to explain the idea of the music composition. Every piece of music composed comes with all these concepts that are inherited in any other expression of art such as writing tragedy or poetry.

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all. Aristotle.

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