The Violin: How to organise its practising at WKMT.

The Violin: How to organise its practising.

Irene Bejar, our Violin Teacher, writes some important points for when having your first violin lessons.

Today we bring an unusual post to our Blog. Why unusual? Because, weirdly, it is not about piano, but about the violin. And that is because we have several piano students who would be willing to learn the violin technique too, by following the string instruments. So what we bring is an article about facing a first violin lesson and the common facts given at the beginning of the violin learning process.

Irene Bejar, our Violin teacher in the studio, was in charge of this great article. With thanks, we proudly post it here too for all those interested in violin ideas. Ideas such as the technique. Why learning the technique is the first most important idea to understand and learn? Not only in the case of the violin, but in all different musical instruments, and as well as we already stated in previous articles about the piano. We can learn how to play something thanks to many tutorials we can find online, however, there is no way to properly learn the technique if it is not with a professional assessing your level and helping you throughout.

Apart from that, what we recommend at WKMT is to fully immerse into the world of the music. It is the only proved way you can fully understand music and improving yourself on it. By assisting music lessons regularly, going to concerts, surrounding yourself with musical activities and musical personalities. And that is what WKMT does best. Because the real passion for the music only can be shared that way, one to one and taking part of the whole idea.

Read the full article on the link aforementioned. We hope you find it helpful and, why not, motivating to start your violin lessons in London.

Here we also post one of our last concerts. Juan Rezzuto performing Haydn Sonata piano and violin with Irene Bejar. Last 24th March at St. Cuthbert’s church.