Shall we learn ABRSM or Trinity syllabus?

Are you planning to start learning piano in London? Did you hear about ABRSM or Trinity but yet no idea of what those means? Which option is the best one?

Whether your instrument is, if your intention is not to own enjoyment but prove yourself through the official examinations, you will certainly choose between ABRSM and Trinity syllabus. Both have some similarities and differences. At this stage, it would be essential having a better idea of what syllabus fits your needs and skills accordingly.

Sabrina Curpanen, a piano teacher at WKMT, has just written an interesting article to help all those students and music enthusiasts to better understand the differences between these two big official examiners. She has been in London teaching piano to students of all levels and ages as we do at WKMT and Learn Music, so she quite knows the best option for you.

Click on the link aforementioned and learn all about them, as well as Sabrina’s advice or election depending on the student needs. A very helpful piece of advice by a professional with experience in the field.

WKMT teach all students either Trinity and ABRSM syllabus. For any doubt or advice, do not hesitate to contact us.