Classical concert in London by WKMT

With sadness, according to the WHO recommendations of staying at home and avoid crowds, we decided to postpone this concert until further notice. Hopefully, this crisis with Covid19 won´t last longer and we all can get back to normal and keep on enjoying our concerts and musical activities in London.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused and see you all very soon!

This is a call to all WKMT students. A new concert has been organised for the 28th of March 2020 from 6.30 pm in our usual venue St. Cuthbert’s church, Earls Court in London.

Yes, some of you will be called to perform in the next Festival of this month as posted in our previous article. On the 23rd November, some of you will be selected by WKMT Piano teachers for performing in this new beautiful edition of their famous music festivals.

Only thirty students will have the chance to show the rest what they are capable of with the piano. Good luck to everyone! The ones selected at the end, let’s enjoy the moment and live it fully.

And well, after that, on the 28th, you all will be cleared for further responsibilities, but just enjoying a beautiful programme WKMT has designed for this date.

Why two?

Well, this time, we count on two professional performers. Juan Rezzuto, our Director, and Paola Delucchi, violinist, usual player in WKMT Concerts.

Two different concertos will be played on this date:

1- Haydn piano concerto Hob XVIII:7. A short concert for piano and strings quartet/quintet. A beautiful piece perfectly written, balanced and light. You will fall in love with this rare and unique piano concerto by the Maestro Haydn.

2- Mozart violin concerto Nr 1. The famous violin concerto with orchestra ever written by Mozart.

This way, these two Maestros will be the main characters sounding and filling the beautiful church with powerful music.

What a better plan than this for you to enjoy in London on a Saturday evening. Drinks will be served afterwards to cheer up and talk about different matters while meeting people with the same interests and hobbies.

As part of WKMT Syllabus and learning programme, the concerts are mandatory, so book your seat and tickets soon. Do not hesitate to let your colleagues and relatives know. Everyone is invited to this concert!

Click on the link aforementioned for more details. Alternatively, contact WKMT or ask your teacher during your lesson.