WKMT musical adventure with our bi-annual Festivals.

WKMT musical adventure.

Get ready for the VII Edition of WKMT Music Festivals in London this year.


If you are reading this and you are a beginner student learning through WKMT course, it is a good sign. It means that at some point, progressing accordingly with your piano plan, you will be able soon to perform in front of an audience. Yes, you read well, perform.

That’s what we do at WKMT. We fully prepare our students, not only to pass exams but also, and more important, to be able to perform in front of an audience and enjoy the great experience this provide with. How we are able to manage our stress and nerves in such situation, and how we feel during the performance and after the performance when everything is done and over. A great feeling, we all learning music should feel at least once.

The whole event includes the festival in a listed venue, Pushkin House, in Fitzrovia, surrounded by art and Russian books. It is always fully catered with exceptional delicatessen and drinks, with some intervals between the concerts to enjoy. Fully recorded professionally by our Grand Piano Recording Studio, and video given to the participants after the Festivals of their own performances. It is such a great experience to join and be part of.

The Festival will be split into different concerts by ages. So, children go first getting adults last. We allow all levels. Assessment will be leading by our professional teachers before the Festival. WKMT also allows a fraction of non-members of the studio to participate in this opportunity of performing in London. So, there is no reason to miss it, have a look at our website with all the details and info and book your tickets. An experience you will never forget.

Here we share one of the videos WKMT prepared for his previous Festival: