IX London Piano Festival by WKMT

Here we come back with our next Music Festival in London.

We were so anxious for this date to come. This time it has been longer than usual, as it is usually celebrated in May, however, this year, due to our Director’s concert in Sintra, Portugal, we had to delay it a bit. Juan Rezzuto will be representing WKMT London in this beautiful city, Sintra, while he plays Haydn piano concerto Hob XVIII:11 accompanied by the Portugal Symphony Orchestra. As soon as we have the video, we will post it here to make you all witness of such a beautiful event WKMT organised in Portugal this May.

We are glad to see our founder and Director into these beautiful experiences, showing his experience and creativity.

Going back to our Festival, June 15th is the date. Summer will be around the corner, and it is a good time to celebrate this event. Also because it is the week before the starting date of ABRSM examinations. So the perfect chance for our students to present what they will be playing in the exams. Juan Rezzuto and our piano teachers will be there checking all the performances to then create feedbacks for the students about what to improve.

There is some more news. Thanks to the success of the previous festivals, this ninth edition will be celebrated in St. Cuthbert’s Earls Court. Last time, it was a bit harder to manage so many people in the Pushkin House’s music room. Despite being a splendid room, it became small for our festivals so we are moving. St Cuthbert’s, the usual venue of our monthly concerts, will be the place of our next music festivals. Bigger venue, more space, better piano (Yamaha CFX Grand concert) and beautiful surroundings. We believe St Cuthbert’s will provide us with what we really need for our festival editions.

So well, WKMT students get ready for our this adventure. Confirm with your teacher the pieces you will be playing and let your friends and relatives know to see you performing.

In the meantime, here we share with you all the last post written by Juan Rezzuto about the importance of performing live music within the learning process.