Aural Training for ABRSM with WKMT.

Aural Training for ABRSM.

Get your Aural Test ready for your next ABRSM Music examination with WKMT.

We call to all those students willing to apply for music exams at ABRSM. In this new post, we will see one of the sections at any ABRSM examination, its importance within music learning and how to improve in order to get those extra marks. Remember that every point makes a difference in terms of the final result: Pass-Merit-Distinction.

Sabrina Curpanen, a Senior piano teacher for advanced piano students at WKMT, wrote this article to make all the students aware of its importance and help them fully understand how aural training is designed. As sneak-peek, we can see here that the test involves four parts: pulse and metre, singing as echoes, differences and the listening skills.

The article deeps inside of all these matters, and all inherited in the aural training. We understand that it is another acquired skill, that’s why we always talk our students about the importance of practising aural tests. It is a small section of the whole marks, so you will barely need 10 minutes a day.

We truly recommend you to read the full article and get in touch with all this new aural training in practice for ABRSM future examinations. Although, if you are one of our students, you must know what we talk about as we always focus on aural training when the students go to ABRSM exams. Go to the link aforementioned and access the article well written by our colleague.

Keep an eye on it!