WKMT piano festival for selected students

Here we come back with a new edition of the famous Piano recitals organised by WKMT piano lessons London.

We all have a new date to save: 23rd November 2019.

For all those who don’t know yet what this date is about, here we bring this post along with the full info and details you can find by clicking on the link aforementioned.

WKMT started operating in London back in 2011 in London. Juan Rezzuto decided to open a studio in West London to bring all his experience and knowledge in piano provided by his Maestro, the famous Bruno Gelber. Then he realised that the common practice in Argentina was quite different compared to England music scene. Basically, the students, despite having a great interest and experience in music, the quality of the teaching wasn’t that great, as well as the opportunities for the students to perform what they learn at the studios.

So that was mainly the origin of everything at WKMT. He designed a programme in which the students will start from scratch (Learn Music), being able to play beautiful pieces and making them perform in front of the audience. Because, what is music without performing? For a musician, absolutely nothing. It is an incomplete learning process, and all musicians know that.
Actually, we are quite scared when we receive students from teachers or other studios, and they never performed up to point they feel so scared and panicked to perform for people.

It doesn’t really make any sense that kind of tuition. Therefore, here we are to help all those students to complete their learning process in piano and music. With our editions of Music Festivals in London, we provide the students with performing opportunities, as well as record absolutely the whole event and performances for them to keep as their portfolio.

So, do not hesitate and join us, and if you know someone else interested, just referred them to us. Contact WKMT and check the link aforementioned for more details.