London piano education

London piano education

Learning Music recommends is a series of articles in which our team directs our audience attention to different valuable music resources. The article selection is based on our everyday feedback.    

Piano lessons in London are properly delivered at WKMT London.

The beauty of learning piano is the fact that we can learn a new philosophy of living. Maestra Sangrigoli says: “Scaramuzza was a philosopher of music”. He did not only teach his students how to play the piano but he taught them the intricacy of achieving so”. Juan Rezzuto and WKMT London understand and follow this teaching philosophy.

The idea is to develop students in the three dimensions of teaching: listening, performing and learning. Music lives inside us and has some needs in common with a living creature: it feeds (when we are taking lessons), it relates with others (when we listen to concerts) and it expresses itself freely (when we play concerts).

Many conservatoires and schools around the world try hard to stimulate students in the “learning” and “performing” music aspects. In general, they end being successful. The difficulty lays on developing the listening abilities of our students. Not just their objectively passive listening skills, but the listening skills that can ignite the creation of valuable musical opinions.

Music is a social skill. Learning piano cannot be about just learning how to move our fingers on the keyboard. Learning and teaching piano involves adopting a different lifestyle, one that leads us to fully embrace music. A philosophy that opens our senses and allows us to see everyday facts through different lenses. At the end of the day, learning the piano teaches us how to communicate using the most abstract of human languages. A language that is designed to describe abstract maters using a completely abstract symbolic system.