Schoenberg under the microscope.

Schoenberg under the microscope.

Gisela Paterno analyses a great Sonata by A. Schoenberg.

Analysis of Klavierstücke Op. 33 a by A. Schoenberg – Part I

Analysis of Klavierstücke Op. 33 a by A. Schoenberg – Part II

This article is a recommended reading to all those composers and composition students, with a helpful bibliography and ideas, and that’s why we post it here at Learn Music. We have several Composition students at WKMT Piano studio, and many of them are students from Gisela Paterno who is in charge of this great Schoenberg Sonata Op 33 A analysis series. This will be the first part of two to complete this series.

Taking advantage of her final work when studying her Composition Degree, she explains composition ideas and advises. She also proposes such an interesting bibliography about the analysis of Sonatas and especially this one aforementioned. Use the links above to have access to both parts of the full article.

Do not miss the chance to read it fully with the link posted above and go to related articles and links to know more about Sonata Analysis, and especially, the special project by our Director Juan Rezzuto analysing Haydn Sonatas.